Here is where I let off a little steam and rant. Someone once said that they thought every webpage should have a rant section. I thought that was a good idea. ^_^;
I'll try for a different rant each week. And I urge other people to send in their rants. So if you have anything that's ticking you off, write a rant and send it in. Please don't use any profanity though, Tripod won't allow that. :)

Now please keep in mind: any opinions stated here are my OWN. Just keep that in mind, okay? They're my OPINIONS, and everyone's entitled to them. So if you disagree with something that someone says in a rant, think twice before flaming them.

Week of February 28th: Girl Meets Girl

Week of February 4th: In Defense of Britney Spears

Week of January 23rd: Pretty Fly For An Anime Guy

Week of January 13th: Don't Say It Unless You Mean It

Week of January 5th: Listen Up, Customers!

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