I love Britney Spears. She is one of my very fave singers right now.
Yeah, I know, that makes a lot of people shudder.


What's so 'wrong' about Britney?
SO many people complain that she can't sing. Are you people DEAF? The HELL she CAN'T! Not ONLY can she hit any key with grace, but her voice is GREAT! She's got the perfect voice and talent.
Maybe when she started out, she wasn't so good live. But she's good NOW. How can you possibly say otherwise??? I just don't get it. O_o;; And as for her albums and vidoes...her singing is superb.

A lot of people hate her because they believe she got breast implants. I don't really know nor CARE if she did. If she did, since WHEN is that ANY of YOUR business? Does it REALLY affect your life soooo damn much that Britney Spears got implants? So what if she was only 17 at the time? It's HER business, not YOURS. Is your life so freakin' boring and pathetic that a singer getting implants is even an issue?!

And then there's the people who insist that Britney shouldn't do these things because she's a role model for young girls. Well, maybe, but the girl is still free to do what the hell she wants.
And BESIDES, Britney DENIES ever getting them. I believe her. If you choose not to believe her, then fine, whatever, but don't make a big deal about it and insist that she's a sucky role model for something she may or may not have done. ESPECIALLY since she denies doing it.

Also, people who don't like her should at least refrain from calling her a b*tch. Have you ever seen her in an interview? She seems so damn NICE and SWEET. She seems like a wonderful person to hang out with. I'd love to be friends with her.

No one has to like her, obviously.
But if you're going to rant about her, at least have a valid reason.

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