~'O Reily Fan Fiction~

In this section, you can find some really cool fanfic about Ryan 'O Reily. I normally am not into fanfic at all, but I happened to read these and instantly loved them. They're written by my friends stina and Annie O. These fanfics are linked directly to Annie O.'s site, which you can also find in the links section. :)

Just click on the fanfic you'd like to read. Annie's is a serious one, but stina's is a parody. Both are extremely excellent! And I'm not just saying that...they wouldn't be on site if I didn't think they were so good. ^_^ Annie's is totally intruiging...I just sat there and read pratically the entire thing--all 12 installments--in just one sitting! stina's is hilarious. It had me laughing right out loud! Both girls have so much talent. :D

Just remember that you should be at least 18 before you read the fics. :)

Forgiven-This is Annie O.'s wonderful and intriguing fanfic.

The Red Brief Diaries-This is stina's hilarious parody-fic. ^_^

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