Dean Winters was born in New York City, New York on June 20th, 1965. He can speak Italian and was in an Italian movie called Firehouse.
He has a younger brother named Scott and he is an actor, too. Both Scott William Winters and Dean Winters can be seen playing brothers on the show Oz. Dean plays the older brother, Ryan 'O Reily.
Dean also has a brother named Brad, who is a writer.
The other stuff that Dean Winters has been in is:

The TV show Millenium - He guest-starred on two episodes, called "The Curse of Frank Black" and "Matryoshka".

The TV show Homicide: Life on the Streets - He was on three episodes called "Nothing Personal", "Hate Crimes" and "Prison Riot".

Dean Winters in Homicide: Life on the Streets

The TV show New York Undercover - He was in an episode called "Rat Trap".

The TV show NYPD Blue - He was in the episode "Where'd the Van Gogh?".

The TV show Sex and the City - He was in the episode "The F**k Buddy". Thanks to Diane for the info!

The movie Undercover Angel with Yasmine Bleeth.

The movie Conspiracy Theory - Don't be surprised if you've seen this movie and don't recall him being in it. He had a reaalllyy small part; I have yet to see the movie, but I heard that it's a really tiny part; he's in a scene in a theater. (Does that help any of you who have seen it?)
Weed (Alicia) tells me that she thinks Dean can be seen at the VERY END, kicking open a door and walking in with a gun. He's apparently difficult to see. Thanks, Alicia!

Dean Winters is also in the last five minutes of a movie called LifeBreath, starring Luke Perry. Thanks JG for the info! ^_^

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