~What Are They Saying?~

Every month I post a pic here, and what happens next is I want YOU to *make up* a caption (invent one, be funny, DON'T write and tell me what they're really saying) and send it in! Sound like fun? I hope you think it does. ^_^; Anyway, so all you gotta do now is, e-mail me what you think the people in the pic are saying, and I'll post up your responses. Tell me if you DON'T want your e-mail addys posted, because otherwise, I am going to post them. So consider yourself warned. :P Send all your submissions with a clear subject in the subject line, such as "what are they saying?", or anything remotely close to that. ^_^
Be aware that submissions ARE edited for clarity.
Go here to read last time's results.

Here's this month's pic, of Ryan 'O Reily...what do YOU think it looks like he's saying?

Please send all submissions to: very_merry_pippin@yahoo.com

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