Why is that so often when a girl comments on another girl's beauty, MANY people are quick to call her a lesbian?

Look, just because a girl finds another girl pretty does NOT make her a lesbian for goodness sakes! If a girl likes another girl in a SEXUAL way, well, that's a whole other story all together. Even then, if she liked guys, she would be BISEXUAL, NOT a lesbian!
And FURTHERMORE, do you have *any* idea how normal it is for a girl to get a crush on another girl? It's quite common for young girls to become infactuated with another girl, and this doesn't mean that they are gay. It's a perfectly normal thing.

I recently had a bit of a crush on a girl I knew briefly. It was the first time in my life I had ever felt that way. Normally, I like guys. But I liked this girl, too. I'm not sure *why* I had a crush on her, exactly--I think it was a combination of things; me thinking she was so incredably nice, her having just about everything in common with me, having personalities that just *clicked*; and, her being a couple of years older, there was something cool and sophisticated about her. It was great how well we seemed to match. It also didn't hurt that she was pretty cute-looking.
To top it all off, though, were two things--one, I think a big thing that contributed to it all was that I met her at just the right time in my life.
The other--wether she realized it or not, she was quite flirtatious with me. That definitely made me like her a lot more.

Anyway, I liked this girl a lot, and I used to want to kiss her. I used to picture what it would be like to have her kiss me.
But, that was it. I didn't want anything 'further' than that. I didn't want to have sex with her or doing anything sexual. Just kissing.
I used to think about it a lot and hoped that one day one of our nights together would lead up to that, but I'll never know now as we are no longer friends. And I no longer want to be her friend, as I discovered after awhile that she was not a very nice person at all.

But anyway, I'm getting off track here. ^^;
The point of all this is, I got a crush on a girl once, but still consider myself straight.
If getting an entire crush on a girl doesn't make you a lesbian, then you can see how plain ignorant it is to label a girl a lesbian just because they think another girl is pretty!
But, you shouldn't need that entire explanation to realize that.
Thinking a girl is a lesbian because she finds another girl pretty is just pathetically lame.
It's NOT about liking a member of the same sex, it's about appreciating beauty. It's like being mesmerised by a beautiful sunset, or a cute dog.
Just because you think a bird is beautiful doesn't mean you're into beastieality, does it? (I should HOPE not! ^_^;)

Anyway, to all of those people who call girls lesbians just because they appreciate female beauty: grow up.
However, if you think that you may really actually be gay, then don't you DARE worry, and don't you DARE feel guilty about it. There is absolutely NOTHING in this WORLD to be ashamed of!

The only people who should be ashamed are those who think that homosexuals are sinners.

Such narrow-minded and hateful thinking disgusts me more than anything in this world.

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