I always get strange looks from friends and other people when I comment on an anime (Japanese animation) character being hot. Well, I can't blame them too much; I guess it does sound pretty strange to a non-anime fan. But when I try to explain to them how it's totally NORMAL, no one seems to believe me! ^^;;

Well, it's TOTALLY normal to crush on animated characters. Just about every anime fan I know does, and that's a lot of people. There's nothing wrong with it at all...it is SO very common, and I would just like to make sure that all non-anime fans realize that.

There are SO many great guys out there in anime land. Take a look at Tasuki, for example, from the anime Fushigi Yuugi. Is he not totally GORGE?! Here he is interlocked in a kiss. Beautiful, no? Just about *everyone* from that anime is drool-worthy. Take Tamahome, for example. Or my personal fave, Hotohori.
Fushigi Yuugi is almost a clichéed anime when it comes to good-looking guys. Ask just about any big anime fan which guys they like best, and chances are pretty good that they'll reply with someone from Fushigi.

Lately I've found myself going a little crazy for Pokemon. No, I have not fallen victim to the Pokemon craze and play the video game constantly and buy all the cards. Instead, I have fallen for one of the guys in it! No, I'm not a pedophile. O_o;; He's about 17-19, so he's about my age. :P He's James of Team Rocket. (Or Kojiro, in the original version.) ISN'T HE SOOOO CUTE??!!! Like him or not, he's one popular guy among teenage girls...what made me fall for him is that three of my friends are in love with him, and hearing them praise James and seeing all the shrines dedicated to him on-line finally got the better of me and now I'm hooked. ^_^;

Well, there are a LOT more great-looking guys than just them out there in anime land, but that's just a sample few.
Even if you don't agree with me that there are some hot guys out there who are animated, I hope you at least realize that it isn't weird to have crushes on them. ^_^;

Lil' disclaimer:
Tasuki image is from Strange Alliances, (warning to those who may travel there: GREAT page, but chock FULL of BIGTIME spoilers starting from the FIRST page, so if you have yet to see Fushigi Yuugi, I'd think twice about going there, unless you want to be MAJORLY spoiled), Hotohori pic is from Gumbi's Universe of Fushigi Yuugi Bishounen, Tamahome pic is from Fushigi Yuugi Gallery, and as for the James pic, well...I've had it on my hard drive for a long time and don't remember where I got it. O_o;; But it's a VERY common pic that you can find just about anywhere on the net. :P

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