I work as a cashier at Toys R Us. Whoopie. A lot of people think it must be very tiring to be around little kids screaming all day long, and, well, it sorta is. But the biggest problem is by far the parents, NOT the kids! The parents are TERRIBLE. I have NEVER come across such stupid, self-absorbed people in my LIFE.

Most customers are really nice, but many of them aren't. There are so many crabby people out there who like to take out all their anger on cashiers, when we have no relations to the stuff that's ticking them off so much. Clueless customers come to me and b*tch about not being able to find stuff in the store, about stuff being out of stock, etc. Well, news flash, you ignorant freaks: that doesn't concern US. We can't help you. If the store is out of stock of something, or has poor toy quality, or whatever, then WHY are you complaining to US? How do you expect a CASHIER to help you??? Have you not ever heard of a SERVICE desk?! OUR job is to scan things, tell you the price, and then put them in a bag. We can't help you if you drove an hour out of your way to come here only to find out we're out of Pokemon cards. Don't waste your time complaining to a CASHIER about it.

I understand if a customer wants to pose an inoccent question. Sure, sometimes we forget who knows what in a store. It's usually not the asking of questions that makes me so angry. It's when the customers actually get UPSET by the fact a customer doesn't know the answer to their question that drives me up the wall.
And of course, the whole complaining bit. If you have a complaint about the store, that's fine. Just make sure you complain to the right person. Mouthing off at a bored cashier makes you look like a complete idiot.

And then there's the fact that cashes are now all controlled by computers. Things tend to screw up a lot. Computers aren't always very reliable. I agree, it's a pain in arse. But, don't yell at the cashier for it. We have nothing to do with a computer that's acting up.

However, there ARE a lot of really nice customers out there, and I'd like to emphasize that. I'd also like to thank them for having a heart.

As for the others, this is basically a big wake-up call. Learn how to act like a decent human being in public, all right?


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