When that whole terrible incident happened at Columbine, there were certain things that were not aired on TV and stuff like that 'cause people thought it would be in bad taste, and that in respect to the friends and families of those killed at Columbine, they would not be aired. I can't remember everything that it was now; the only thing that comes to mind now is the season finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was not aired 'cause it had something to do w/ a high school being torn apart, or something like that, though I don't really know nor remember as I never watch that show.

Well, anyway, to get to my point: don't air the episode JUST because of Columbine? I'm sorry to say this--actually, what am I saying?! No, I'm not sorry--but, TOO FREAKIN' BAD. Millions of other people around the world have to deal with death too and they also have to deal with seeing all sorts of crap on TV that remind them of their lost loved ones.
I know, 'cause it happened to me.
When my friends Amber and Dahlia died at the end of last April, I was severely depressed and in shock and had to deal with seeing stuff that reminded me of them wherever I went; songs on the radio they really loved or really hated or that we shared jokes about, TV shows, movies, or music videos with celebs we shared crushes on...etc. Stuff that reminded me of them constantly was EVERWHERE. I could not turn away and not be faced with something that made me think of Amber or Dahlia in some way. Also, they were hit by a car, by a speeding driver, by a speeding drunk driver. Do you have any idea how much stuff there is on television (and other forms of media) relating to that crap ALL THE TIME?!?! For goodness sake's, my fave of all, Oz, has the main character of Beecher who of course is in prison for a DUI that resulted in a young girl's death. I can't escape THAT.
I was reminded of them by every little thing.

Anyway, the point is, they shouldn't have avoided putting stuff like Buffy on the air just 'cause of Columbine. People have to deal with death all the time and you can't censor media for everyone, ya know? And besides, postponing Buffy just pissed off a lot of people anyway, 'cause it's such a popular show (and that's an understatement; I'm like the ONLY person I know who DOESN'T watch it) and it was also the season finale. Stupid move.

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