I. HATE. TV commercials.
Okay, so most people do. But they REALLY drive me up the wall, to put it mildly.
Here are a few of the more recent ones that REALLY send me reeling. Oh, just a note: you Americans prolly won't know some of them; there's a few here that are for Canadian things.

Anyway, here are some ads that royally piss me off, in no particular order:

1.Harvey's. Yeah, it's a Canadian restaurant. Okay, one of their most recent ads features this teenager who goes to order food and shouts, "GO!" to the employees making the food, and these employess have the most biggest, eager grin on their faces. WHY? If making hamburgers day in and day out makes you smile uncontrollably, you've got some serious problems. And their grins are just so damn STUPID looking!!! UGH!!! Especially that man in the middle! He's so ANNOYING-looking! And the cashier who serves the teen is so freakin; ANNOYING! She gives him the most STUPID smug little grin, I wanna just slap it off her face!!! AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!
And then, when the teen goes back to his dad who asks him for HIS food, the teen goes, "oh, you wanted some?" and laughs the most ANNOYING laugh on the face of the planet. Ugg, DIE!!!!

2.ANY Pokémon ad. The ones for the games, that is. Promotions/previews for the cartoon don't count. =P
Anyway, the ones for the games make me want to rip my hair out. Not only are they all so incredably STUPID, but there's this same guy who ALWAYS does the voice for all the Pokémon game ads and his voice, I think, should be used as some kind of torture method in getting info from criminals. It's just so ^%@^$ing ANNOYING!!!!! And he can't even PRONOUNCE it right!!! He keeps saying "Poky-mon". IT'S POKEH-MON, YOU FREAKIN' MORONS!!!!!!!!!! Auuugh, I HATE it when people say "Poky-mon". HOW FREAKIN' HARD IS IT TO SAY???!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

3.Listerine. Okay, I don't know WHOSE idea it was to come up with THIS inane storyline of an INSANE man who walks around thinking that MOUTH WASH is a "super-hero", but they should be dragged into the street and beat repeatedly. IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!! The one where he goes into the store and knocks off all the action movies from the shelves and replaces them with bottles of listerine...um, that is SO lame...and the one that's always being shown now, where he goes to a super-hero party dressed as a bottle of listerine...ohmigod it is SO ANNOYING. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

4.System Crash. If I had to put the ads I hated in order, THIS one would be number one, oh definitely it would. Prolly as the worst as EVER, imho. For people who don't know, System Crash is this totally wacked out plotless Canadian show that just has a bunch of kids and teens walking around and doing stupid things, and there's skits and stuff...I dunno, I can't explain it. Anyway, the ad for it, on YTV, is the single most homicidal-provoking piece of dung I have ever seen in my 19 years. It is SO. INSANELY. ANNOYING, I can't even put it into words. You just have to see the ad for yourself, that's all I can say, pretty much. Ugh.

Bah, there's more, a LOT more, but I'm gonna shut up...for now. =P

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