I find that there are a LOT of sites out there, mostly collectives or these giant personal pages, where a HUUUUGE amount of the page is just the pretty [SIC] look. All HTML/DHTML knoweldge and zero awareness of how to write anything does NOT a good page make. A lot of these sites have big elaborate layouts, but other than that, they've got squat to offer! Oh, they have a bunch of unactive links for IDEAS for pages, but they don't exist yet. (Except for their personal pages or their blogs, those are always up and properly linked, for some reason or other.) And one HUGELY common trend I see on their pages is instead of nice links WRITTEN out in WORDS in a HUMAN LANGUAGE, some people choose to put little dots, stars, hearts, whatever, SOMEWHERE in the page that you have to run your mouse over, and only THEN will the words appear. But sometimes they don't even, and you have to look at the bottom of your screen to see where the links go! What the $#% is the point of THAT?! And sometimes the dots or whatever are not even that easy to find, and that's an understatement. Sometimes you have to run your mouse all over the screen to find a way in, because these dots (or whatever they are) are part of the picture in the layout. Aww, now isn't that cute?? ::shudders:: Now, what is going through the pagemaker's head when they do this moronic stuff? Do they actually think it's a good idea??? WHAT???? What is it that they're thinking? That it looks COOL? Um, no, sorry, it doesn't. Do they actually think that people are actually going to waste their time and sit there and try to find their way around such a site? Maybe their close friends will, but other than that, I really doubt many people want to waste their time with such rubbish. When I come across a site like that, I say goodbye, and get the heck outta there and go find another site that's more worth my time.

And another thing...what is IT with people who create these huge, huge, HUGEly complex personal pages about themselves and blogs or other forms of live/on-line journals that they update DAILY and then proceed to say how boring their lives are and how boring their info must be to read, or how bored people must be to read them. Ummm...I DON'T think these people think of themselves as that boring if they spend so much time writing about themselves!!! Now, there's nothing wrong about writing about oneself, heck, it's the best thing to write about, because what do you know more about than yourself? But at least be honest about it, because putting what is obviously a lot of effort into pages about yourself and then saying that it's all really boring just doesn't cut it. It's BS, and we all know it.

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