When I was 14, I had a really, really bad flu. It lasted for about 6 days, and when it had finally gone away I had realized that I had lost seven pounds. Just about everyone I told this to was like, "Oh, I wish I could get that flu so I could lose 7 pounds, too!" Well, @#$% you!!! Are you INSANE?! Do you have any idea what it was like having that flu was like?! I was in so much pain I never slept just because it was night or whatever, I just went on and off, sleeping or awake for a couple of hours at a time...more being awake than sleeping. My stomach was constantly hurting like you have no idea, constant RUSHING to the bathroom like evry 15 minutes or so, which REALLY hampered what sleep I could get, a horrid fever and dizziness and fatigue, and I was always starving as I couldn't eat anything; anything I ate would make the pain worse and just come back up anyway. All I ate that week was a couple of rice cakes and salt water with orange juice.

Now, if that's your ideal way of losing seven pounds, then you are one really sick individual. If you rather lose seven pounds THAT way than just eating properly or dieting or excersizing or whatever, then that is just so utterly pathetic, I don't know what to say. You DESERVE to get sick, then.

So here's me signing off, saying, if you want to lose weight that way, then I hope you get your wish! Have fun.

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