I can't really say if I'm for or against abortion. I myself would NEVER have one, but if someone else wants to, then that's their busines. Don't tell me that I have to pick sides, although I used to be completely against it.
But anyway, what I want to say here is in defense of people who are against abortion completely. I found it pretty hard to go around telling people that I was against abortion. Why? 'Cause just about every person who I told would ask me the same, utterly moronic question: "Oh, but you're not one of those people who are super-against it and would go around shooting doctors, are you?"


Wow, gee, thanks a lot for thinking I'm capable of murder. O.o

Good LORD!!! Anyone who knows me even SLIGHTLY knows that I would rather hurt myself than kill anyone. Why such a horrid question?! Why would I do something like that??! That's like asking someone who dislikes the president if they plan on asassinating them, or asking your friend who thinks a movie star is cute if they're going to stalk them. It's just plain stupid.

I get that feeling sometimes that the idiots in this world way, way, WAY out number the amount of normal people. O_o;

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