I really wonder why pot is illegal. Yeah, it's a drug. But what difference does that make? Lots of drugs are perfectly legal, if even only for medicinal purposes. (And there's something else that makes me wonder why pot is not legal if even just for that!)
Pot, weed, marijuana, whatever you call it, is no more dangerous than many other legal drugs out there. It's actually even more safe than many of them. So why's it so taboo?! I just don't understand.
And it's not just drugs. There's lots of stuff out there that is super-legal and totally accepted, and is yet way more dangerous than weed. One of these said things that come to mind is coffee.

Now this REALLY pisses me off.

There are just so many people out there who would NEVER smoke up...I mean, it's one thing if you don't know where the hell you're getting the stuff from, 'cause for all YOU know it could be laced with coke and make ya' drop dead in a second. But let's say you KNEW there was nothing in it...let's say your friend or you had the actual PLANT...then you're safe, right? Anyway, I'm HIGHLY doubting that a lot of these people who look down on smoking weed so much are worried about it being mixed with something else. If they ARE, then it's different...but anyway, I'm just saying that there are people who refuse smoking up 'cause it's "disgusting" or "kills your brain cells" or WHATEVER, and then they just go off and drink their stupid little coffee's everyday! What kind of idiocy is THIS?! They're like, ADDICTED to the stuff, and can't survive a morning without it. Um, hello...are these people too freakin' moronic and narrow-minded to realize how bloody UNHEALTHY that is?! I mean, so is pot, but I think coffee is much WORSE!!!! Having coffee everyday like that makes you dependant on it...and you get all groggy when you DON'T have it...sad. And it's TERRIBLE for your sleeping habits...your sleep gets all messed-up if you have too much caffeine...and let's not even get into what that can do to your heart!!! Caffeine accelerates your heartbeat. Anyway, I don't think I even need to explain anything here...if you're old enough to be drinking coffee, then I think you're old enough to have the knowledge of what caffeine can do to you.

I'm just WAITING for an e-mail that some freak who can't read will write me EVENTUALLY, ranting back at how misguided I am to think that coffee-drinkers are evil and stupid. If someone is reading this and is planning on contacting me with any kind of statement like that, stop now. If that's the message you got from this rant, go back and read it again. I don't want to deal with idiots who can't follow blurbs.

So anyway, I guess that's that. To sum it up in a nutshell--if you avoid smoking up 'cause you think it's bad for your body (NOT 'cause you're scared that it might be laced with something), but then go and drink coffee like some kind of caffeine vampire, then, well, you're being pretty stupid.

Oooh, boy, I really needed to get that out. ;)

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