Oz Pics
~Oz Pics~

These are pics of Dean as Ryan 'O Reily in Oz. Thanks to Shug for all these pics!

A cute close-up of Ryan
A smaller version of the previous
Ryan reading something.
Ryan at a table with Adebisi.
Ryan smoking
Ryan when he's saying that he's going to be Cyril's big brother for once.
With Cyril, looking worried.
Again with Cyril...
And again with Cyril...
With Beecher.

Ryan laughing.
What is he looking at?!
Cute close-up. ^-^
SCARY close-up!^^;;
He's looking around in this pic...
...and here he is in front of a door.
Arguing with McManus.
A bigger version of the pic I have on the index page.
Ryan being threatning...looks weird here!
I'm not too sure what he's doing here, but it looks like he's bowing...it looks VERY cute!!
He looks VERY strange here...:P
With some other guy, I forget his name. ^^*
Ryan talking to someone.
Ryan sitting on a bed.
A close-up of Ryan, at a rather, um, weird angle.
Smuggling drugs into prison...
Weiiird expression!
Looks like he's listening to someone, or thinking about something...
He's *quite* angry w/ McManus.
One of my fave pics; he looks SO cute here. Tho' it's a small pic...
...here's a bigger version of it! ^_^
A small pic of Ryan at a table.
Ryan in the boxing ring coaching Cyril.
A close-up of Ryan peeking out from behind a door.
Ryan with Cudney. Cudney sure LOOKS innocent, doesn't he? ;P
Ryan with Cyril in the kitchen.
I LOVE the way Ryan's sitting in this pic.
Talking to Keller, who's stuffing his face with pretzels. ^.^
Ryan with earphones, not looking too happy.
Ryan after being told he's just like his father. Ouch.
Ryan reading in the library.
Ryan walking around Em City.
Ryan telling Aunt Brenda how he entered Cyril into boxing.
With his arm around Cyril...and his eyes closed! Cute. ^.^
After he's taken away the chocolate from Cyril.
Talking to Murphy...ok, this pic was taken at just the oddest time, Ryan looks WEIRD here! ;P
A close-up of Ryan coaching Cyril in the ring.
Geee, I WONDER what curse word could POSSIBLY be coming out of Ryan's mouth here? ;P
Another arm-around-Cyril pic.
Watching TV with Cyril.
A slightly better pic of Ryan talking to Murphy, though now Ryan looks like a zombie. LOL!
Ryan with some guy.
Ryan's been sent to McManus' office! (again!)
Looking at his hand (from the same scene).
Ya' gotta love that shirt. ::drool::
Ryan and Hoyt going down staires.
Fustrated (and cute-looking!!) in the kitchen.
With Murphy again. (Different scene from before.)
Yelling at McManus. (What else is new?)
Murphy telling Ryan that survival is in his blood.
Ryan disgusted by what can be shown on the news these days.
A cute pic of Ryan with Murphy. ^^
Ticked-off in the kitchen.
Sitting next to Pacamo at a meeting.
Trying to reassure Cyril, who's been having nightmares from when Schillinger raped him. How moving! ;_;
Shhh, Cyril...it's going to be all right...
Ryan looks soooooo good here. ;)
One of my faves! What wonderful hair. ^.^
Bird's eye view of Ryan in Em City. Cool.
Uh...it looks like he's spitting...
About to go down some staires.
Ryan hot, up-close.
Cyril likes it when people cheer.
Ryan's dad has helped him, though he has no idea...
Ryan looking horrified.
Keller asking Ryan if he can off Said for him.
Ryan's not impressed by Kenny.
Ryan's got money!!
Ryan thumbing through the Bible before he hits Cudney with it.
Just good ole' Ryan. :P

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