Other Dean Pics
~Other Dean Pics~

These are pics of Dean as Cassidy from SVU. Thanks to RDJ James for all these pics! ^_^

Cassidy, with Stabler, who is played by Christopher Meloni. Meloni plays Keller on Oz.
A close-up of Cassidy; I think I saw this picture in an article about SVU.
A REALLY cute pic of Cassidy. Gotta love that tie! ^.^
I saw this pic in an article, too.
My favorite. :)

Here is a pic of Dean with his brothers Scott and Brad from the magazine Black Book. This goes with the article from Gwen found on the articles page! Thanks Andrea! (Warning: It is quite big!)

A REALLY cute pic of Dean I found on the net a long time ago...I think it's from a really old interview on the HBO site.


The following are from Karen, who scanned these pics from a mag called Avenue. Thanks a bunch, Karen! ^_^

Dean with Kirk Acevedo, who plays Migeul Alverez on Oz.

Dean with Jennifer Esposito. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to tell me who she is! :) Gotta love that shirt! hee hee.

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