In April of 2000, I lost 2 of my friends in a hit-and-run accident. I had mentioned it on my site, and not long after doing so, I recived a really nice e-mail from a woman who had lost 2 friends when she was around my age. She knew what I was going through. She explained to me in the letter that she knew what it felt like and offered great reassurance. I was so touched by the gesture...I thought it was so nice of her to take the time to write me like that. And it also felt really good to hear from someone who knew what I was going through, other than my friends.
So this made me think. If any of you out there have recently (or at any point in time) lost someone close to you, please feel free to write me if you feel like you need to talk to someone about it. I will be more than happy to try and help. I would also like to discuss such things. If you feel like you want to talk about it, in writing me we both benefit. We both get to talk about something we feel that we want to discuss.
So please...if you feel the need, don't hesitate to write me. You can reach me at

I'll answer all mail I get. :)