January 30 2003

Important! My e-mail address has changed! You can now reach me at: very_merry_pippin@yahoo.com. Thanks, thanks.

I have a couple of new pics to add to this site, and I plan on updating the "What Are They Saying?" section. I will do these things soon, just so you know! :)

January 25 2003

Yeah, I know I haven't updated in a million years. Sorry! :( But, I updated a few things:

-The news page. Yay, more news! Though it's kinda old now...and most of you probably knew it already...
-The FAQ...a bit. New DVD's are out, you know. ;-)
-The page about me. I know you probably don't care, but I updated it, so I mention that here. Even though it's kind of a slight and pathetic update. I REALLY need to put a new pic of me up there...the ones I have are soooooo OLD! (from 2000). I look soooooo different now, it's not even funny! Aiya!
And, you know what? I've been spelling 'O Reily's name wrong this whole time. At first I wasn't sure, because other people spelled it 'O Reilly (with two L's) as well, and because that is the more common spelling, or so I was told. But after seeing his name spelled as 'O Reily on the show several times, I decided to change it...but not right away, 'cause I can be lazy, and that's a pain, to go around the entire site, changing the spelling of his name. But I finally did it. Ah, consitancy. How sweet it is.

August 31 2002

Showcase is airing season 5 of Oz now! Ahhh! I'm late with this info 'cause I'm LAZY! SORRY about that, and I apologize for any inconvieniences this may have caused.

Anyway, the updates that have been done today have been to the news page, to report what I just said about season 5, and some other VERY interesting information that would very much do you some good to check out. :)


June 17 2002

I updated the FAQ page to reflect what I said the other day about the Oz DVD. ^_^;

June 15 2002

New links! New links! Yay...

...um, apparently I ranted a little while back (you can scroll down to see) that I wanted Oz to be released on DVD. Apparently I also neglected to mention since then that the entire first season has been available on DVD for awhile. Since around that time, actually. But you all already knew that, right?

March 18 2002

All right then! There was SO much wrong with my page...I think I fixed all of it, but I'm REALLY tired right now, so I'm not sure. I tried to fix all the inconsistencies in the font faces and some layout colors on the site, get rid of all the broken links, and update/change all of the outdated/irrelevant/wrong information. I also removed some parts of the site that were no longer functioning (the fanfic I had linked to, for example, was no longer accessible) or that I felt had no relevance to the site. If thereís anything I forgot to fix, Iím sorry, but Iím very tired. E-mail me if thereís anything on the site thatís really bugging you.

Oh, old updates can be found here. That being said, Iím off! Have a good one.

March 17 2002

-Updated "What Are They Saying?"
-Added something to the news section

ARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!!! I just looked over my site, which I haven't done in so long, and it is SUCH A MESS, I can't BELIEVE that I didn't notice it before!!! Broken links, font faces changing randomly, completely outdated info... UGH!!!! Ohhh, I *so* need to fix everything...it'll have to wait until tomorrow though, 'cause it's getting late and I have to work early tomorrow morning. But my site will NOT stay this way. It's awfully sloppy. Geez...I'm embarassed. Um, yeah. Anyway...here's the lil' update blurb I had just typed BEFORE I went to check out my site a little more thoroughly...heh...^_^; :

It's NOT a good sign that I've come to realize that I start most of my update logs with something along the lines of "Wow! It's been awhile!" >_< Well, it isn't entirely MY fault. I've been busy with applications and working on a portfolio for university. But that's done with now, thankfully, and I can relax and work on my webpages and other fun stuff, and basically just have a life again! ^_^ I've also been working on a webpage for my fave character on my current obsession, a WONDERFUL and beyond brilliant comedy called Red Dwarf. It's been around for about 14 years now or so, but I've only gotten into it recently, 'cause I'm an idiot. :P Anyway, it's definitely and truly one of the best TV series I have ever seen in my 21 years, check out my website if you're interested, Krytie TV! ^_^; If you're a fellow RD fan, then e-mail me!!! I want some Red Dwarf pen-pals, dammit!!!! ^_^; Hmmm...let's see, what else. Well! I've been watching tapes of season 5 of Oz...excellent stuff, man!! I wonder if Oz will EVER be released on DVD?!?!? Anyway, until next time...take care, people! Cheers! :)