Very often I read polls on people's homepages that they fill out so their site's visitors know more about them. You know what I'm talking about, right? Those "learn more about your friends!" polls that are sent around a lot in e-mail? Well anyway...a common question I see in these polls is "Are you a virgin?". And a common answer I see is "Yes, and proud".
Okay, this is what drives me nuts. Wether you decide to start having sex or not is YOUR desicion. And if you don't want to have sex anytime soon, then that's fine. Infact, that's more than fine--in many ways, that's the best. If you're keeping your virginty until you're married or until you've found the right guy who you are in love with, that is a very, very good thing, needless to say (duh). If you haven't had sex yet because you haven't found the right person, then that's a wise descision indeed; losing your virginity to just anyone is NOT too smart, on so many different levels. Likewise, if you're abstaining from sex for disease prevention, or because you don't want to get pregnant, then all the more power to you.
These are all reasons to be proud.
But, watch what you're saying. There are many people who DO choose to give up their virginty earlier on in their lives, and that does NOT mean that they made the wrong descison! There are MANY people out there who have given up their virginity before they were married, but because they have found someone they LOVE. Because they feel that this is the right person. Many people use protection while having sex and get to know their partners before having sex with them, hence protecting themselves against disease and pregnancy. (though not 100%, obviously, there's only so much you can do and not practice celibacy at the same time. ^_^*) Not every teenager who has lost their virginity is some slut who doesn't care about the guy who is she with. Not every teen who loses their virginty does it without protecting themselves. Not everyone out there does so with no respect to themselves or their partner.
When people go around boasting about their virginty, they very often make it sound like anyone who isn't a virgin is below them. They act like anyone who is having sex automatically has no morals or respect.

Wake up. That's just not true.