Oz is a prison drama aired on HBO on Wednsday nights, though since I live in Canada, I watch it on Showcase on Fridays. ^_^; Anyway, the show focuses on a maximum-security prison known as Oswald, or 'Oz' for short.

The show focuses on many different characters and their stories, which often overlap with each other. There's a LOT of things going on each week in the 1 hr 5 min episodes of Oz; some episodes are filled with as many as six storylines. And believe me, they're ALL ones that'll more than keep you on your toes!

This show is HEAVY. Drama like you've NEVER seen it before. TRUST ME. Then again, if you're at this site, GREAT chances are that you know Dean from Oz rather than from anything else, but, anyway...back to Oz, it is most definitely NOT a show for the faint of heart. The show shows prison for what it REALLY is; to say that it doesn't glamorize prison is QUITE the understatement.

Now, as for Dean Winters' part...^_^
Dean plays a character called Ryan 'O Reilly. Ryan is one crafty, sneaky, manipulative man. He's in prison for one heck of a lot of things; he's got QUITE the rap sheet, which includes parole violation, vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and a DUI or two. While he's in prison, he even gets his brain-damaged little brother to murder someone for him.
I find Ryan a most fascinating character. He's sly like no one I've really seen before on TV, and is capable of so much. While he sneaks around Oz causing other inmates to drop like flies, he appears to be completely heartless. But there are moments when Ryan does things other than scheme. ^^; Other than being responsible for getting his brother into prison, he protects his back...at least, most of the time. When it all comes down to it, though, Ryan uses his brother just like he would use anybody else.
Dean is just AMAZING as Ryan. He's got the most amazing walk and talk out there. He has this stare...he's so damn sneaky and intriguing and DAMN sexy, I just don't understand how a girl CAN'T fall for him. ;)

As for Oz itself, I love it more than any other show out there...well, except for maybe South Park, I REALLY can't decide between them too easily. ;)
But Oz has got to be the most amazing, breath-taking show I've seen in my entire life. It got my full attention the very first time I saw it, back in July of '98...'twas the episode Visits, Conjugal and Otherwise, AKA episode 2. ^_^
The drama...::dreamy sighs:: The show has got the most absolute AMAZING writing going for it...the plotlines are SO intriguing and unpredictable, and the characters are so well-played. The show is filled with one hair-raising plot twist after another, and never gets unbelivable or silly. The drama is incredable, and never ever gets corny. The show also has its funny moments, but they're never just there as simple comic releif. Some episodes have absolutely nothing funny about them. But when the situation arises, the show will have you laughing hard...and then in shock and/or tears just moments later.
Oz is one show you absolutely do NOT want to get spoiled for. If you know what's coming up...it just ain't the same. ^^

And while the writing and the acting are beyond top-notch, the cinematography of this show is some of the best I've seen in my entire life. The camera shots...there are so many beautifully-flimed scenes that come to mind, but I won't start listing them all here. But to put it simply, they're absolutely amazing.
Another aspect of the show definitely worth mentioning is the soundtrack. There is no real MUSIC on the show (save the opening and close theme), but instead, SOUNDS are used at the show's soundtrack. It's extremely hard to explain unless you've actually seen the show. ^^;
But, it's an excellent idea. The sounds provide an utterly odd atmosphere to the show, and while some very key scenes in most television dramas are hampered by terribly corny piano music or what have you, that problem NEVER arises on Oz. ;)

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