December 25 2001

Merry Christmas, everyone! I *sincerely* apologize for my constant lack of updates. :O SORRY!!! :( Well, I updated the About Me page, it was rather outdated, I also made a few small changes to it. I added a link to the links page, and some GREAT news (that I'm sure most of you already know by now!!) to the news page. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 5!!! I don't know when it will start airing in Canada, but I'm getting the new eps from the US right away. :P

Have a great holiday, everyone. :-)

October 19 2001

-Updated the "What Are They Saying?" section
-Updated the links page, bigtime. I deleted all links to the down-ed sites, fixed broken links, and added some news ones. More coming soon!

Yeah, I know I've been gone awhile. More updates coming very soon. I'm really in a hurry at the moment. ^_^;

July 23 2001

-Added a new section; news on Dean! ^_^
-Some new rants

Good lord it's been too long since I last updated this page!! There was something wrong with the computer I've been using, but it's all good now. I've actually seen all of season 4, even though the later episodes were never aired in Canada...I got some tapes from my friend. It was GREAT, especially the last three episodes. =D

April 13 2001

-Updated the "What Are They Saying?" page! Finally! ^_^;

Hey! Long time no see, right? I'm sorry that I've been away without updating for so long, but no one has any idea how busy I've been with school and work. I've had NO LIFE lately, and I have almost completely eliminated sleep from my scheduale, so I'm a little insane, too. LOL Anyway, school will be over in just three more weeks, and then I'll have more time and I'll be able to update more often. :) I have more ideas to add and other stuff to update, I hope I can do them soon! Of course, that's what I said the last time, but, you know...
Oh yeah, there's a new rant up too!

January 7 2001

-Updated the info and FAQ pages a bit

Heyyy, this is a really short and crappy update, I know it. But I'm really so crazy busy lately...anyway, I just wanted to update *something* so that you know this page isn't dead. ^_^; Happy new year, everyone! :) Hopefully I can update more soon. Oh, and if you get HBO, I hope you saw the new Oz episode aired tonight! I didn't 'cause I don't get HBO. =P I sure hope Showcase gets those episodes sooooon.......@_@

October 22 2000

-2 new rants

Sorry for the such...small and crappy (?) updates...I have SO much more to update on my page, I will do it soon...I've just been so busy! Anyway, these are 2 rants I wrote a short while ago...I figured I might as well post them on the page already!
Oh, and season 4 finished its run here in Canada last week. So if you'd like to e-mail me about anything regarding the 4th season, feel free to do so.

October 12 2000

-I made an FAQ page! Now before you e-mail me with a question, make sure it isn't here first.
-I changed the color scheme to gray...does it look better now? Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions.
-Updated the About Me page a bit. Like you care. ;P

September 2 2000

-1 new article in the Articles section. Okay, so it's an old article. But it's new to the site. ;)

Uhhhh...I am SO TIRED. I know this is a really small update, but it's an update nonetheless. I had to do *something*. I have more articles to add and I want to update the What Are They Saying? section, but that will have to wait until next time: I will pass out at my keyboard if I spend another moment here right now. I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but I have been really really busy and I will be even more so for the next little while...but in good ways! ^_^

July 28 2000

I got a new e-mail address. You can now reach me at The reason I changed this is 'cause I have had enough with It's just given me trouble. Yahoo is definitely my fave mail service, no contest. ;)

July 24 2000

-FINALLY updated the "What Are They Saying?" section! ^,^
-a new rant...
-updated the About Me section a LOT. There's actually modern pics of me there now...^o^
-fixed broken links

...and just some other small things here and there. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've gone to New York twice in the past month and a half. And here's something REALLY cool--I met Conan 'O Brien!!! What a SWEETIE!!! I got a pic with him I wanna scan. I still have yet to scan that pic of me w/ Edwin though...hehe hehe...
Anyway, sorry for the delay in updates...and I'm sorry for taking so long in replying to e-mails...I will get to answering them shortly!! Oh, and one more thing....DO NOT SEND ME ANY INFO ABOUT SEASON 4 OF OZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I KNOW it's already long started in the US, but like I say on the front page, I live in Canada, and we don't get the new episodes for another month. So keep your big mouths shut, please. :P
With that said, have a nice rest of the summer, everyone...^_^;

June 18 2000

-added a special notice. Please go and read it.
-put up 2 new pics in the "others" section
-updated the "about me" part of the page a little

I wanted to update this page more...I wanted to update the "What Are They Saying" page, but I am sooooo tired right now and I just can't do anymore at the moment. I need some sleep! I'll update some more as soon as I can. ^_^

May 18 2000

-updates in About Me section...yay
-yet another new rant

Yeah, I know, crappy updates. I just really don't feel like working on Dean Winters stuff lately. I have been really, really, really depressed. Things just haven't been the same since my friends died. I'm sorry. Things just really suck right now.

May 9 2000

-new rant

Yeah, you better believe I'm in a ranty mood. :P

May 6 2000

Okay, so this isn't really an update. But I just wanted to say why there hasn't been any word from me in awhile. 2 friends of mine were killed 2 weeks ago when they were struck down by a speeding drunk driver. He didn't even stop to help them. It was a hit-and-run. Now two of my friends, Amber and Dahlia, are DEAD. They are DEAD and I will NEVER see them alive ever AGAIN because some f**ker decided to get in his car and DRIVE when he was p*ss drunk and didn't even bother to STOP when he hit two young girls.
Please, all of you. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. How HARD is that for people to understand????!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And, NEVER LET ANYONE DRIVE DRUNK. Pleeeeease. Prevent tragic deaths like this. Prevent all this pain and sorrow. DRIVING DRUNK IS MURDER.

April 17 2000

-new rant

Sorry, that's all...I was just in a ranting mood and had to vent...:P Oh, I also fixed up the About Me section a bit...'cause I felt like it...:P

April 5 2000

-new rant
-I fixed up the wording in the "What Are They Saying" section, 'cause people seem to think that I'm asking for what the characters are REALLY saying in the photos.'re supposed to make up your OWN caption! ^^;

I'm terrible at updating...I'm sorry...there's stuff that people have sent me long ago that I never put up...I will soon, I will...^^;
Well, right now I'm listening to my precious Edwin CD. I'm going to his concert on Friday and I am PSYCHED, to say the least. I wanna make a page to him...hehe ^^

March 23 2000

-I added a new section; my personal fave (non Oz-related) links, which can be found in the About Me section

March 6 2000

-new layout! ^_^
-some new pics added in the Oz section

Well, here it is, finally--the new layout! I hope you like it. Please feel free to e-mail me your comments about it. :) I plan on adding and changing around some parts of the layout soon, too.

February 28 2000

-fixed up some outdated info on the front page ^_^;
-updated the about me page
-added a new rant

Wow, I finally updated! ^^; I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I wanted to update more, but it's really late right now and I must get to bed. I'm sorry about the atrocious spelling in my latest rant, btw. I will run a spell-checker over it asap! SORRY. ^^;
Oh, I finished the new layout! Yay! ^.^
But, doesn't look too good on Netscape....AAAUUUGHHH! *what* is going on? ^^;
Guess it will be longer 'till I put up the new layout than I thought...::sigh::

February 4 2000

-new rant
-removed dead links from links page
-updated info page

Yeah, I know I'm really late with the rant update. I actually wrote that rant last week sometime, and just never got around to posting it. Eep. Well, I have some more stuff to add, but I'll put it up when I change the layout. And yes, I'm working on it...I'm *almost* done. I've just been really busy lately! :P

January 23 2000

-new rant

January 13 2000

-added a new rant

Am still working on that new layout...^_^

January 10 2000

-changed the link colors so that they ALL match the ones on the index page. Wasn't the green icky? ^^;
-Archived older updates. You can find them here.

I'm still working on that new layout...^_^

January 5 2000

-added two new sections; a rant page and a sound page.
-some slight adjustments to the index and info sections.

Well, Happy New Millenium, y'all! :)
It's been over a year since this page has been on the web, so happy anniversary to me. ^_^ I really should do something to celebrate this page's 1st anniversary...I was thinking perhaps a new layout would be nice. ^_^; Believe it or not, I've actually been working on it! I hope to have it done soon. It's nothing too special, but eh, it'll do. ^_^;

December 23 1999

-Updated the "What Are They Saying?" page
-Added a couple (literally, a couple) of new pics to the "Other Pics" section.

I'm trying to update my page as quickly as I can, and I'm lucky 'cause today I found some time. But I probably won't have any more time to over the next few days it being Christmas and all. ~_^ I recorded some WAV files today and hope that my sound page will be up soon. I'm also working on my rant page...hope they're up soon! ^_^

December 17 1999

-Added a new pic section
-I tried for a 'winter' feel for the index page taking over for the previous 'fall' one. :P

First off, I'd like to say Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Happy Kwanzaa and whatever else you may celebrate during this holdiay season. ^_^ In other words, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
Secondly, I just gotta say--this page reaches its first birthday in less than ten days! Wow. ^_^
Third of all, I'd like to apologize for my lack of updates. During school it just wans't possible--I had WAY too many projects and papers and studying to do. I got out of school on the 9th, but since then have been working nearly full-time for the Christmas rush at Toys R Us. (You wouldn't BELIEVE some of the insane costumers I've dealt with. UGH.) I've also been really busy Christmas shopping. ^_^; I FINALLY found some time to update tonight, but I am SO tired and worn out that I feel sick and just can't update anymore than adding on a new pic section with a few new pics. I promise that as soon as I get more time and feel better, I will make a bigger update--there is SO much I have to add: more pics, the answers for the "What are They Saying?" page, and more.
Also, the BK page is going to be delayed for awhile. Sorry about that! ^^;
See everyone later, and have a very happy holiday. :)

November 13 1999

-Updated/fixed the links page
-Updated the About Me page. Okay, so that was done awhile ago, I just never mentioned it. :P

Uh...okay. Where do I start?! I'm WAY too busy with school and work to update this page too much right now, unfourtanately. :( BUT, I DO get out of school in just a few weeks, so I'll be able to then. ^_^
Coming soon will be more new pics and articles. (did anyone get the latest issue of PEOPLE? The special issue with Richard Gere on the cover. Inside is a big photo and lil' interview with Dean and Scott!!!! GET IT if you haven't already, it won't be in stores much longer, as it is bi-weekly or whatever.) Also soon I'll update the "What Are They Saying?" page with the captions people wrote in (please continue to send, if you have any ideas! ^_^), and I'm adding on a new section...a rant section, even though it won't be Dean Winters-related, I thought it would still be a for-fun part of the site, eh? ^_^
I'll also be posting all those things that people are sending me...thank-you, everyone, for all the wonderful pics and etc that you've been sending, I apprectiate it very, very much. ^_^ Just one little thing, though--please, if it's not too much trouble, just e-mail me before you send me something so that I know in inbox might not have enough space in it to be able to hold what you may send. ^^; Thanks. ^_^
And to answer something that people have asked about, yes, I'm making the Beecher/Keller page you see advertised on the front page of my site. (BTW, that 'banner' does NOT show up with Explorer! I don't know why! SORRY!!;_;) I'm making the page with some friends. I'm HOPING to have it available for viewing by the end of December...^_^;
And as for the new layout...never mind, at least for now.
I'm at least staying away from making frames, 'cause I've found out that a LOT of people hate them. Why make something people despise, especially if it takes time? ^_^;

October 20 1999

-MORE new pics! LOTS of 'em, from season 3! (Which I just finished watching...hey people, was it excellent or WHAT?! :P)
-Changed the layout of the pics page
-Added some new sections; a section with articles, plus a section where you can participate in a sort of game...please do. ^_^

It's taking me longer than I thought to carry out this big update that I have been planning, and so I decided to divide it up into several moderate-sized updates instead, which makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? That way, you can have access to all the new stuff I already have ready. So please enjoy. ^_^ The sounds page and a new layout should be ready soon...I'm having a bit of a problem changing the layout. For now, I added new link and text colors on the index page for more of an 'autumn look'. What do you think? Yeah, I know, I change the index text colors around so much anyway...:P
Well, as you might be able to tell from the banner on the index page, I decided to go through with my plan on making a page dedicated to Beecher and Keller. Let's hope it can get done by December! ^_^

September 24 1999

-New pics!
-Fixed some links, made some corrections
-Changed my e-mail address! It is now!
Please take notice of the fact that I changed my e-mail address, in case you want to reach me. Weird e-mail name, isn't it? In case you're wondering, no, I'm not a Puff Daddy fan...the name refers to a Japanese pop group that I like called Puffy. ^_^
Anyway, expect a BIG update coming soon, it should be ready sometime in mid-October. There's going to be more new pics, new info, new sections, and even a new layout, as well as some other stuff. See you then. ^_^

September 13 1999

-I changed around the index page a bit...also, I fixed it so that it now works on Explorer!
-The web ring has its own page now. ^.^

I can't help but say this, but...Oz is getting just SOOO good! Episode 20's on this week...I absolutely cannot WAIT. And on the last episode, Ryan 'O Reilly had a pretty big plot...and Dean was looking hotter than ever, imho! ^_^ I LOVE his hair this's perfect! In other Oz related...stuff, I MIGHT...I'm just planning it right now...but I might make a page for Beecher and Keller, THE TV couple of the year, IMHO!!!! (And I know that LOTS of other people think so, too!) ^.^ I'll wait till the season ends first, though. But it's something that I'm seriously considering. =)

September 2 1999

-Updated the info page
-Updated the links page
-Updated the About Me page

Hey hey hey! I got to see the premier of Oz's third season last week! And tommorow is episode 18...oooh, I can't WAIT to see what happens! What an amazing show it is! Episode 17 leaves you wondering a lot...and as for the ending of that episode, w/ what Beecher did...who woulda' thought THAT would happen, huh??!!! I think I'm STILL shocked about the ending! Anyway, Dean was just GREAT in it. Although Ryan wasn't as main a character as some of the others, he definitely had his moments. Wasn't that scene of him consoling his little brother from his nightmares just the sweetest thing you ever saw? ;-; Anyway...GREAT show.

July 14 1999

Hey people! An update just in time for the new season of Oz, which starts today! Of course, since I live in Canada, I won't get it till August. But, I digress. On with the updates! :D

-Added a new section! Fanfic about Ryan 'O Reilly!
-Updated the links page somewhat.
-A little bit of updating on the About Me page. ^.^
-I fixed the index page so that it's its original black color again. However, for some reason completely unknown to mankind, it just might not show up on Explorer. So in which case you'll have to highlight the text to read it. Yeah, I know its bla, what can I do? I'm not going to put the page in ugly white just 'cause it won't load right with Explorer. Explorer SUCKS. If you have it, just what are you doing with it, anyway?! Trash it and get Netscape. It's WAY better. >:-)

Have fun enjoying the third season of Oz, everyone! Although I can barely think about Oz right now, I am SO hooked on South Park at the moment. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I HIGHLY recommend ya get to the theater RIGHT NOW and see it!! I've already seen it three times!!! I LOVE it!!! I don't care about Star Wars anymore, South Park is THE movie of the summer!!!!! Actually, what am I talking about?! It's by far the best movie I've seen in the past five years! :D

June 5 1999

As you can tell, it's been a REALLY long time since I last updated and I sincerely apologize, but things have been just insane around here lately. I really am short on time, but hopefully I can add some new pics soon and hopefully put up some new info. I might also be adding some new sections as well.
Also, there seems to be a problem with the index page; does anyone else have any trouble loading it? The screen comes out all white on my screen when it's supposed to be black, making the white text invisible. I can't believe people are coming to my page in this state! O_o; Anyway, I can't figure out what's wrong with it, so for now, we'll just have to live with the ugly white/red/black thing that I put.
Also, some very great news; in case you didn't already know, Oz starts its third season on HBO on July 14th, and on Showcase on August 27th. Are you as psyched as I am? ^_^

January 21 1999

-New pics!
-Updated the info page. :-)

Sorry it took me so long to update again. Tommorow I start school and the updates will probably be further in between. I'm so sorry! They will usually be on weekends. But I get out of school at the BEGINNING of May, and that's not too far away, is it? ^^;
But don't worry...I'll still update from time to time! I have plenty of more pics I wanna add!

January 4 1999

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 1999, EVERYONE! Wow, this time next year it'll be the year 2000...eeks.
-I joined the Dean Winters webring!! :P

That's pretty much all. Oh, but my computer's been acting screwy, so we're taking it in to be fixed, and so I won't have acess to it for awhile, needless to say. It'll only be for a few days, though; possibly a week. But when I return, I will update this page with some NEW PICS of Dean! Yay! Yup, with my comp going to be fixed up, all my files are all nicely sorted on discs. So it'll be easier for me to update! ^_-

December 26 1998

-added an updates page :P
-changed link colors ^^;;
-updated the About Me page/added photos of myself (yikes!)