These are my favorite links on the net. Please look around, you might find something you really like! ^_^

Actors and Movies-related Pages

Unofficial Edward Norton Information Page--I love the gold-colored font on this page. ^_^ Hee hee, Ed Norton ROCKS! ::drool:: What a cutie. I can't wait for his new movie w/ Ben Stiller to come out. He directed it, too! ^_^

The Internet Movie Database--The IMDb is where you can find info on just about ANY actor and any movie. Dean Winters recently got added there, too! ^_^

Who Is That?--This page is GREAT! You can find info here and all those actors you keep seeing in bit roles in movies but whose names you might not know. SO cool! ^.^

Music Groups/Singers Pages

EDWIN!!--Edwin is one of my very fave singers. His music is great (he does alternative) and he's just so cute. ^.^ It seems like he's not really known outside of Canada, so go and check him out. =)

Prozzak's Hot Show Website--The official website to my total fave music group. ^-^ This is another talent that I don't think is too well known outside of Canada. You people don't know what you're missing! Prozzak music is very fast and happy; their music is pop/dance.


Me & My Budgie--This page is SO cute!! I absolutely ADORE budgies with a passion no one can know. I love them to bits, and horribly miss the ones I used to have who died. I'm getting new ones, though, this spring. It's been awhile...Um, anyway, the page...TOO cute for words. If you're a bird-lover, a MUST. You can see TONS of photos of people's budgies...awww....^_^

Land of Pure Gold--I LOVE second fave type of animal after birds. I specifically love golden retrievers. I have one, so...:) They are SO precious! This page is GREAT place if you're into goldens. :)


Anime Web Turnpike--This is the IMDb of anime and manga! You can find more than you know what to do with here. ^_^

Belldandy.Net--This is probably my fave anime collective. There's so much cool stuff to see here and great content and definitely the prettiest layouts I have seen ANYWHERE. ^_^

emmys realm--Another great collective. ^_^

The Seventh Moon Anime Network--Another fave anime collective of mine. I love the weekly musical selections. ^^

MP3 Sites

The Ultimate Mp3 Zone--You can find MP3's of a lot of new songs here. Updated frequently.

Audiogalaxy--You can find a LOT here, but what sucks is that there's a lot of ratio-only sites...;_;

Audiofind--Like Audiogalaxy, this place has a LOT.

Phoenixfeather's MP3 Horde!--For all you fellow Japanese-music fans out there, you can't much better in terms of anime MP3's than this here wonderful site. ^.^


Tweek Shock--Okay, shameless plug. So what? =P This is my other page, dedicated to my favorite less-appreciated characters of South Park. ^_^

Hong Kong Monikers--This site is so interesting and cool. You can learn about the different English names that people have chose for themselves in Hong Kong. Please go there to find out more. It is so WEIRD. ^.^

The Utah Baby Namer--Want some more weird names? Then go here. But I think a lot of these names are really cool and pretty! For example, I REALLY like the names Shastell, Aethen, Klen, Tylon, Tustin, Darolyn, Tana, Shiana, and Hylie, just to name a few. ^_^

Landover Baptist: America's Favorite Church!--This site is HILARIOUS. It had me laughing till I was in tears...epsecially the movie reviews! This is a TERRIFIC parody, but do not go if you are easily offended.

Free E-mail Address Directory--This is a GREAT site! You can search through TONS of free e-mail can get domain names related to all sorts of hobbies you wouldn't even imagine. ^_^ You can even read reviews on many of the services, which is really useful.

The Hunger Site--Donate food once a day. It's free! ^.^

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