You have received a Beecher Bite, from your Friendly Neighbourhood Beecher Provider.

Which type of Beecher Bite would you like best?
There are many kinds to choose from.

Beecher Night-Bite
Beecher Sunburn-Bite
Beecher Vampire-Bite
Beecher Christmas-Bite
Beecher Birthday-Bite
Beecher Happy New Year!-Bite
Beecher Arial-Bite
Beecher Wingding-Bite
Beecher Plamtree-Bite
Beecher Genie-Bite
Beecher Oil-Bite
Beecher Ice-Bite
Beecher Fly-Bite
Beecher Byte-Bite
Beecher Cream-Bite
Beecher Suck-Bite
Beecher Cookie-Bite
Beecher Fire-Bite
Beecher Midnight-Bite
Beecher Pop-Bite
Beecher Rush-Bite
Beecher Dance-Bite
Beecher Blood-Bite
Beecher Mystery-Bite
Beecher Invisible-Bite
Beecher Shadow-Bite
Beecher Shock-Bite
Beecher Slap-Bite
Beecher Flute-Bite
Beecher Butter-Bite
Beecher Kitty-Bite
Beecher Time-Bite
Beecher Raptor-Bite
Beecher Happy-Bite
Beecher Lava-Bite
Beecher Bright-Bite
Beecher Butterfly-Bite
Beecher Battle-Bite
Beecher Candy-Bite
Beecher Rule-Bite
Beecher Mirage-Bite
Beecher Venus-Bite
Beecher Magic-Bite
Beecher Glitter-Bite
Beecher Fuzzy-Bite
Beecher Seek-Bite
Beecher Pink Sugar-Bite
Beecher Deep-Bite
Beecher Shaking-Bite
Beecher Pillow-Bite
Beecher Fluffy-Bite
Beecher Rainbow-Bite
Beecher Storm-Bite
Beecher Evoloution-Bite

Also offered are the specials:
Beecher Bite: Robson Special
Beecher Bite Sans Keller Plus

4 out of 5 doctors recommend Beecher Bites.

"A Beecher a day keeps the doctor away."